Thought for the day

Today is Feral Free Friday, but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about the pervading culture of “being offended”.

We have seen yesterday Metiria Turei, cloaked in in her shield of sanctimony claiming that this sentence is racist:

“I’m actually insulted to be lectured about how out of touch I am with average New Zealand by a list MP who has no constituents, lives in a castle and comes to the House in $2000 designer jackets and tells me I’m out of touch,”

This post is not about that comment precisely that is for one at 0830. Rather is shows the pervading culture of some segments of our society to become offended or outraged over what are really just a few words.

In Metiria Turei’s case the racism is in her mind. There is not a single mention or race, or maori in those few words by Anne Tolley and yet Metiria Turei reaches for the racism claim.

Likewise the so-called “tough” coasters were upset to the point of issuing death threats, rape threats, violence threats on the basis of 8 words in a headline, nevermind the post actually focussed on media portrayal of a police chase. A reporter from a Greymouth newspaper with less readers than read this website in an hour fuelled the outrage by the portrayal that the whole article was aimed at the young man who died. Just 8 words and my death is called for.

These same people are now writing to people who book ads through Google in an attempt to hurt me financially. These coaster aren’t tough, they are thin-skinned bullies bred on a diet of entitle-itis and a good dose of feral outrage.

We saw a similar behaviour with Willie and JT…outrage cascading into threats, financial attacks and bullying. Radio Live caved to the bullying on social media, more fool them. They are now exposed as a soft target, because bullies always pick on the weak.

Where does this come from?

Well I believe it comes from what is loosely termed “political correctness”…or as?Chet Beates defined in?Son of a Gun?: The Life and Times of a Lifer Brat?(2007):

A doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.

It is believed that this comment came from?a student at Texas A&M University pre 2006, but is accurately summarises the problem we are developing.?

I have been asked by numerous media over the past couple of days if my headline was offensive. Yes it was. Am I sorry? No I am not. Being offended is the responsibility of the person who reads the headline. What I found concerning is that of all the people who found the headline offensive, and justified the response, none found the death threats I received equally or more offensive. Think about that for a minute.

Eights words deemed so offensive to warrant the call for suicide, death, assault and rape? None of the thousands of words uttered calling for those heinous and illegal crimes offensive at all?

What has become of this country where people think that abuse and bullying can illicit the word sorry and for it to mean anything at all?

What has this country become if Metiria Turei can claim racism and have her claims credibly reported in news media as if what she claimed was true?

What has become of our country when media themselves question whether or not we should say something in case someone is offended?

We have become cowards in our own country. Even a supposed tough guy like Richard Prosser was forced to kneel and apologise for using a fictitious country (Wogistan) in a speech…because people were offended.

If that is the new benchmark then every journalist, columnist, blogger and media person in radio and television should just put their hands up and surrender. If you can’t cover something or say something because someone may become offended then we have sunk so low as to now have no freedom of expression anymore.

No longer can we call fraudsters and crooks who leave a trail of destruction in their business lives the ratbags that they undoubtedly are, or expose their business dealings, because they might be offended or claim their family is offended and run off to the Human Wrongs Commission who will likely back their wonky jihad.

No longer will be able to say that Maori have an issue with child abuse incase it is racist and offends them despite all the wrong statistics backing it up.

We are living on our knees in this country scared of offending people.

Well I won’t live on my knees. If you are offended by what I say or write then switch off, or at the least engage with reason and rational thought. If you like it then stay tuned.

I don’t expect every reader to agree with everything I say. Hell my own contributors don’t agree with me…it is the mark of maturity to agree to disagree sometimes, or debate rationally. It is the mark of a coward to issue death threats and shut down debate.

There are charlatans out there who lead marches up Queen Street who claim to be for freedom, yet they were gleefully dancing on the premature grave of this website. They believe in freedom for their ideas and enforced silence for others. their beliefs and politics are the beliefs and politics of fraud.

They don’t believe in freedom. They believe in hate and control.

Stand for freedom int his country, do not bow to bullies, confront the mob.