Troughers demanding more coin from Ryall

Swinburn et al from the anti-obesity industry tucking into more government coin

Swinburn et al from the anti-obesity industry tucking into more government coin

Sometimes Tony Ryall must really shake his head in despair.? Especially when he sees his Ministry funded troughers bitching that the Government needs to dole out more money to them.

Yesterday I posted about?Obesity ?Experts? Ignore Simple Truths, showing trougher Professor Cliona Ni Mhurchu tucking into a $5 million handout to justify her calls for fat taxes, bans and labelling changes.

2013 Trougher of the Year Boyd Swinburn?must have spat out his Kellogg?s Nutri- Grain when he saw Cliona Ni Mhurchu getting a big spread in yesterday?s Horrid, talking up her efforts.?

As a blatant patch protection move,?Swinburn calls up a patsy repeater at Stuff and chucks out the old ?Shocking? line which is nearly always guaranteed to get a bite. Just to ensure he?s setting the hook, he throws in the alarmist ?the junk food industry free rein over out young kiwis? line. FFS.

Clearly Swinburn can?t have someone else being the ?expert? on obesity, oh no.

Showing he?s not above demanding more public coin for his golden trough, Swinburn decides it?s a good idea to slate Ryall?s Government for ?pulling the plug on funding for the Healthy Eating, Healthy Action programme?.

Mmmm, last time I looked the HEHA programme started under Labour, was full of dodgy NGOs whoring into over $60 million a year and all desperately trying to attend the lovely, but exclusive tax-payer funded junkets that Swinburn regularly jets off to.

Maybe it?s more a case of Swinburn starting to play a bit of politics by currying favour with Labour and the Green Taliban who will throw public money around like it?s grown on trees ? especially to Swinburn?s pet projects.