The Uncle Bully Syndrome

I have watched with increasing incredulity as the left wing and Maori have rounded on the kid who posted a video of a drunk 9 year old on Youtube and attacked him and his integrity…blaming him for all sorts of crimes in their mind ignoring the fact that there was a 9 year Maori kid drunk in a skate park, clearly without any supervision or anyone remotely interested in his wellbeing.

Tau Henare had a rush of stupid:

Then there was this woman:

Then the left wing apologists like kitchen-ware blogger Russell Brown who was angry that someone was using social media to highlight an issue…which Cactus Kate pointed out he’d spent all day talking about himself. Russell Brown even went on a social media witch hunt against Bradley Goudie taking screenshots of his Facebook. ?


Russell Brown then invokes morality….his of course…against Bradley Goudie…no mention of the morality of letting a 9 year old kid roam the streets getting hammered on RTDs and Weed.

Then there was Lew:

No mention of the ‘bastard’ that fed a 9 year old alcohol, or the MIA parents? Just Bradley Goudie for daring to reveal to the world the life of feral Maori in Hamilton. Then shows where his priorities lie…making sure the feral little ratbag doesn’t get a hiding at home because he was caught drinking at the skate park.

Uhmmm Lew…that is the same home environment that allowed this kid to get plastered on a potent RTD in the first place…back the truck up…don’t blame the guy who videoed the incident blame the useless dead beat parents and relatives who let a 9 year old get pissed in a public place.

Even the Police jump on the band wagon.

A video of a Hamilton boy apparently drunk at a skate park on his ninth birthday has been removed from YouTube – but not before more than half a million people watched the uncensored footage.

Police yesterday asked Google to remove the clip from YouTube after the man who shot and uploaded the footage, 18-year-old scooter rider Bradley Goudie, refused to take it down.

The video showed a 9-year-old child so drunk on Cody’s RTD bourbon drinks that he appeared barely able to stand.

Police said they were “appalled” at the incident, and even more concerned to see the footage posted on social media.

Why are the Police appalled at the existence of the video online? Is it because they will now have to DO something instead of sweeping another Maori dysfunctional family under the carpet to be ignored like the rest of the feral underclass.

They cite privacy issues, which I call bullshit on. The kid was in a public park, conducting his activities in public in front of other public. If you want privacy be f*cking private.

The sanctimony of the media is chunderous as well. Look at these lines:

The boy’s mother, who the?Herald?has chosen not to name to protect his identity, said her family had been at a tangi. When they arrived home the boy, excited about his birthday, ran off to tell his friends who lived nearby.


The boy’s father, who APNZ has not named, was shocked when he was told about the video today.

“My heart is ripping out at the moment, I’m trying to hold it together. It’s hard,” he said.

Why won’t the media name these dead beat parents? Why are all images of the boy blurred out? The Daily Mail and other media outlets around the world didn’t do the same, why are our media too afraid to use names and details and photographs and video?

Which is all a bit rant and preamble to where I want to get to…the existence of the “Uncle Bully Syndrome”.

That is despite despicable acts against children, if they are Maori then we say and do nothing and the media are supposed to do the same.

Look at the history… kids being bashed, tortured, raped, abused and in this case fed powerful alcoholic drinks intended for adults…and the focus isn’t on the parents (who the media won’t name) but on the guy who videoed the whole sorry tale. Laws have been broken in given that kid booze…and everyone is focussing on who uploaded a video. Look at this…this is what the real news and issue is about…a drunk 9 year Maori kid…


They are all no better than Uncle Bully whispering to Gracie as he raped her…Shhhh…don’t tell your Mum and Dad, but they will be proud of you…f*ck that…Uncle “F*cking” Bully got dealt to in the end but only after Grace killed herself and other family members spoke out.

That is what we must do, not seek the comments of apologists and sanctimonious liberal elites conversing on Twitter about circumstances that about as far from their trim milk mocha-chinos served in cosy Ponsonby cafes on hemp place-mats to the tune of ripped Putamayo CDs as you can get.

The liberal media who won’t say a bad word about ratbag parents and ferals who can tolerate their kids out on the streets getting hammered.

It is time we broke the Uncle Bully Syndrome and spoke out, loudly and shamed these ferals into behaving like citizens.

Russell Brown likes to talk about morals…morals don’t apply to the ferals…most of those kids like Bailey the drunk 9 year old Maori kid have brothers and sisters to different fathers, live in appalling conditions where a parade of faux fathers traipse through the bedrooms of their mother, where alcohol, drugs and violence are a normal way of life. ?Their culture.

What the f*ck do they know about morals Russell, you sanctimonious twat? Save the moral judgement and stick to blogging about the old pot or pan you discovered at the back of the scullery.

I’ll say what needs to be said, I’ve got big shoulders, and no doubt I’ll be called a racist…but you know what I reckon it is worse to say nothing and condone this behaviour by our silence.

We need to deal with the Uncle Bully’s and their enablers of this world and the only way is through publicity, infamy and shame.

This case is about child abuse and neglect by the parents not the morals of posting a video on the internet.

Get your priorities right folks.