Wind power destroys your house values

If you needed another reason to hate wind power, the preferred choice of the green taliban and useful idiots like David Farrar, then this should be the final kicker for you.

We al;ready know they kill thousands of birds, use squillions of rare earth metals, don’t work as often as they are needed, are uneconomic unless heavily subsidised are visual and noise pollution.

Wind turbines destroy house values.

The presence of wind turbines? near homes has wiped tens of thousands of pounds off their value, according to the first major study into the impact the eyesore structures have on house prices.

The study by the London School? of Economics (LSE) ? which looked at more than a million sales of properties close to wind farm sites over a 12-year period ? found that values of homes within 1.2??miles of large wind farms were being slashed by about 11 per cent.?

This means that if such a wind farm were near an average house? in Britain, which now costs almost ?250,000, it would lose more than ?27,000 in value.

In sought-after rural idylls where property prices are higher, the financial damage is even more substantial. In villages around one of Southern England?s largest onshore developments ? Little Cheyne Court Wind Farm in Romney Marsh,? Kent, where homes can cost close to ?1?million ? house values could drop by more than ?100,000.

The study further discovered that even a small wind farm that blighted views would hit house values.

Homes within half a mile of such visible turbines could be reduced in value by about seven per cent.

Even those in a two-and-a-half-mile radius experienced price reductions of around three per cent.

The report?s author, Professor Steve Gibbons, said his research was the first strong evidence that wind farms are harmful to house prices.