Why are the centre/right letting Len Brown get away with it

C&R, which is the old Citizens and Ratepayers in drag, have?really dropped the ball on holding dodgy rooting ratbag Len?Brown to account.

Insiders at C&R say that the position is?that Len should be allowed to get on with being mayor,?rather than putting him under more pressure for his?shamelessness.

The soft option was taken when Len was forced to pay on?$40,000 of the legal fees.

“The group’s chairwoman, Christine Fletcher, says there has?been a “full and final agreement” that he will contribute?$40,000, in addition to paying $20,000 for his own legal
costs, which are separate to the $250,000 cost of the?review.

The group also included Dick Quax, one of Mr Brown’s?staunchest opponents, along with Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse,?George Wood and Penny Webster.”?

So three centre right councillors and a former ACT MP?bottled it. Len had no protection and could have been forced?to pay the full amount. Others on the centre right are?showing the same lack of bottle, with Hunua National candidate Daniel?Newman posting this rubbish on Facebook.

“Its time to move on from this story. Whatever people think?about the Mayor’s conduct, he has paid a very high and a?very public price. Notwithstanding his conduct, he remains?the Mayor and the region needs functional civic leadership?until the next local government election.”

When will the centre right man up?

Is there no one who will hold the mayor to account?