More good news

Labour and David Cunliffe really must be wondering how theya re going to win an election when there seems to be a never ending stream of good news coming out that proves their negativity and mendacity.

The Auckland Chamber of Commerce delivers more good news.

Extraordinary Growth Signalled in Business Survey

A survey of more than 800 business? over the last 48 hours in Auckland reveals some extraordinary results.

71% of survey respondents believe that the general business situation in New Zealand will continue to improve over the next six months, an increase from 61% last quarter. This response is also matched by 68% of respondents believing that their own personal business situation will see a direct improvement in the coming six months, another rise in confidence from the last survey in Nov 2013 which reported 63%.?

?Businesses are gearing up for a greater investment of time, increased profitability and are looking ahead to improved export opportunities? Michael says ?But it seems we still have a long way to go to resolve the problems around skilled staffing shortages?.

The survey also revealed:

Intentions to employ UP
Hours to be worked UP
Costs UP
Selling Prices UP
Profitability UP
Sales UP
Exports UP