Peak Oil…not even close

Oh dear as the Green Taliban keep hysterically screaming about peak oil the reality as expected is somewhat different.

Worldwide oil reserves are now estimated at 1.64 trillion Barrels and gas reserves are 7 Quadrillion cf.

How big a number is a quadrillion. Well it is 1,000 trillion.

But ten years ago known oil reserves were 1.265 trillion barrels and 6 quadrillion cf.

While we are very pleased that big oil are in NZ looking for new discoveries, given the increasing quantities of known commercial supplies I wonder about the merit in some searches. ?Don’t get me wrong we love mining and drilling, but it is not as if world supplies are running out any time soon.?
And as new technologies such as fracking become common place we can expect the commercial oil and gas reserves to increase even further.

The Green Taliban hate this.

They hate the prospect of new oil and gas reserves being discovered even more as once such commercial discoveries are made, (and without incident) their scaremongering by their useful idiots will be proven to be a scam and NZ as a nation will become very excited about the prospect of jobs, industry, manufacturing and economic wealth.

Their support will drop away to nothing…it is already falling as more and more people realise the lies and scaremongering of global warming have all become a fraud.