Supporting our Kiwi battlers overseas: Michael Poole

One of the things that opposition politicians like to make a meal of is the fact that young Kiwis go overseas for study, adventure, career. I guess they would prefer the old East German or North Korean scenario that you can’t leave and that anyone who did was a defector.

Often they do it the hard way too. A Kiwi kid studying overseas can’t access student loans, etc, back in NZ. If it is for sport they have to make it on their own – away from any taxpayer funded national body. The really weird thing is they grow, develop, get new skills and often contribute overseas. Many of them also come back later on and bring their value with them.

Here is an example.

22 year old Kiwi born and bred triathlete and Florida Chemical Engineering college student Michael Poole is an ORCA athlete who has taken the big step of being open about his epilepsy by working with the Epilepsy Foundation USA?which serves over 2 million Americans. This includes being invited to address one of their key events in Washington DC. He has just returned to the USA after some summer training and racing in NZ and Australia. He is heading towards a huge US race programme. He is keen to make a big contribution to this organisation as he does it through encouraging activity and understanding.

Poole is pictured above racing the legendary Craig Alexander in Auckland, NZ last month. Photo/ Supplied

Poole is pictured above racing the legendary Craig Alexander in Auckland, NZ last month. Photo/ Supplied

The USA Foundation have posted this on their Facebook?to begin a campaign.

They state:

?Poole is a world-class triathlete and so much more…all while living with epilepsy?after being diagnosed in 2009.



The 22-year-old is one of our awesome Athletes vs. Epilepsy spokespeople. Be sure to like his Facebook page and find out more about him on his fundraising page:?


Kiwi founded company ORCA are promoting it here too.

Wouldn’t be a bad thing to flick him a message. Florida is about as far away as you can get (at least it is the only state not snow covered at present). Given that he races as a proud kiwi in approximately 20 US cities a season – if there is any kiwi company/supporter willing to give him some backing – it wouldn’t be a bad thing either.

This is the link to ?His?Facebook page?is??or?here.