Fairfax go on media charm offensive for Graham McCready

McCready is suffering the consequences of his actions.

Normally people are discharged from bankruptcy after three years but Mr McCready said he was pursuing early release primarily so he could renew his relationship with his two adult daughters – aged 37 and 40 – who both live in Canada and who he has not seen for 20 years.

Bankruptcy prevented him from travelling and was stopping him from getting on with his life.

Far be it from me to deny McCready his insights and regrets, but if he couldn’t be assed to go see them for 20 years, and (my presumption), they haven’t taken the time to come here, I’m afraid that I see this as nothing more than a cynical ploy.

The boy has form – being convicted for blackmail being one of the list of colourful events in his life. ?

Last year Mr McCready, 69, pleaded guilty to blackmail, after threatening to expose claims that a company director was guilty of financial impropriety and mentally ill.

Mr McCready said he would keep quiet if the man surrendered his company position and signed over his majority shareholding.

The company sought Mr McCready’s bankruptcy and in October he was declared insolvent for the second time.

But here is the twist

The company that bankrupted him had ultimately done him a favour though, he said. “Having charged me with blackmail and bankrupted me – they put me beyond their reach, they can’t do anything more to me.”

Well, not being able to go visit your estranged family of 20 years seems to be quite effective in disrupting McCready’s plans for now.

McCready’s been in the news recently complaining he hardly had money for a bus fare. ?How is he going to travel to Canada?

I smell a rat, and crim hugging media are once more the enablers of another scumbag.