Labour wants to tax ISPs, watch them tax you in return with higher charges

Labour continue to show what a bunch of muppets they are with their ICT policy that was inadvertently leaked to National showing they want to tax ISPs.

It shows their complete lack of business acumen. They are suggesting a tax on the entire internet via ISPs.

Any cost lumped onto a business like an ISP is simply going to be passed straight onto the customer leading to higher charges.

Telecom is bristling at the suggestion Labour could impose a “content levy” on internet providers.

Labour was left red-faced today after MP Clare Curran?s ideas on ICT policy were accidentally emailed to her National Party counterpart, Communications Minister Amy Adams.

These include imposing a revenue-based levy on telecommunications carriers to create a contestable fund to support the ?creation and accessible distribution of New Zealand digital content?.

Another suggestion is a ?digital bill of rights? policed by the Human Rights Commission that would ?guarantee a citizen privacy?.

Curran, who is associate communications and information technology spokeswoman and Labour?s spokeswoman on ?open government?, said the ideas titled ?ICT Policy Framework 2014? were sent to Adams? office this morning. She did not personally send the email, she said. ?

They were not official Labour policy and it at least showed Labour had ideas, she said.

Curran has now released the five-page document, which outlines dozens of possible policy initiatives.

While the ?digital content levy? appears the most controversial, it also suggests a review of New Zealand?s international connectivity and the ultrafast and rural broadband initiatives and strengthening the Commerce Commission.

Yeah ideas given to her by Kim Dotcom at her secret meetings that I revealed.

What I find amusing is that Labour is now proposing something that their Chief of Staff was front and centre opposing along with Labour when they were railroaded by Matthew Hooton’s little band of vested interests and their so-called Copper Tax campaign.

Now Curran and Labour are proposing something far worse than a copper tax…they are planning to tax the entire internet.