Something for Labour to remember as they hammer Judith Collins today in parliament

Helen Clark and Trevir Mallard with Labour's biggest donor, Owen Glenn,  at the opening of a University building Glen paid for.

Helen Clark and Trevor Mallard with Labour’s biggest donor, Owen Glenn, at the opening of a University building Glen paid for.

Labour is going to attack Judith Collins today in parliament…over a drink of milk…apparently this is the worst indication of corruption seen in New Zealand.

We know this because Mrs Mallard (Jane Clifton) has signalled it in her column today (not online).

But Labour should remember a few things of their own.

They are making a huge fuss over a photo and some chinese text written by someone offshore. They need to remember that politicians pose for photos all the time.

But their own behaviour isn’t that flash either. As the photo shows above Helen Clark was happy to open a building paid for by Owen Glenn, named after him when he was their single biggest donor ever. On top of that he was also a large donor to NZ First at the time.?

Last night’s function, celebrating Mr Glenn’s $7.5 million donation to the university, coincides with continuing fallout over revelations in The Dominion Post last week about his dealings with the Labour Party.

Mr Williams confirmed yesterday that he offered his resignation to Miss Clark, but she advised him not to because he had done nothing wrong.

Mr Williams has admitted erring over his claim that Mr Glenn had not donated money to Labour since the 2005 campaign, after Opposition claims that Mr Glenn’s New Year honour was payback for being Labour’s biggest donor.

That was a real conflict of interest not a manufactured one form the fevered imagination of Winston Peters, now being fed off by Labour keen on distracting themselves from teh ineptness of their leader.

Their conflict of interest was outlined by David Farrar at the time.

  1. He was not born in New Zealand.
  2. He has not lived in New Zealand for over 40 years.
  3. He is not eligible to vote in New Zealand.
  4. He is estimated to have a fortune of around NZ$1.1 billion.
  5. He donated $500,000 to??for the 2005 election.
  6. This is the largest known donor ever in New Zealand politics.
  7. The Labour Party amended the??to specifically allow him to keep donating money, while restricting other foreign donations to $1,000 (by defining a foreign donation as being okay from overseas residents who are NZ citizens even though they are ineligible to enrol or vote)
  8. He gave Labour a further $100,000 interest free loan in 2007.
  9. Labour gave him a gong ? Officer of the NZ Order of Merit in 2007.
  10. Labour President??lied when he said they had not received a donation from Owen Glenn since the 2005 election, as the interest free loan counts as a donation.

So a glass of milk on a stop on the way to the airport warrants a little jihad in parliament, but laundering money through a blogger and a secret trust is just picking on David Cunliffe…and we can all ignore their own massive conflicts of interest when it comes to large donors of the Labour party.

Winston Peters is sitting there thinking no shit will stick to him…I wouldn’t be so sure on that.