Apparently the headache excuse is real


Someone clearly had a point to prove….that when your missus says she has a headache that means no, rather than going to get her a couple of Panadol

It’s taken an army of mice (and a group of clever Canadian researchers) to crack open an old sexual chestnut and get at the meat inside: For women, “Not tonight dear, I have a headache” is not a passive-aggressive rebuff to a mate’s sexual invitation (not always, at least). It’s a biological phenomenon with deep evolutionary roots.

Even for females who’ve never watched a 1950s movie or been schooled in the art of sexual gamesmanship, bodily pain puts a serious damper on sexual desire, new research has revealed.

And pain reduction can help restore libido squelched by physical discomfort (which suggests that fetching an analgesic and a glass of water might be a better strategy than sulking or wheedling). ?

In the new study, the libido-busting effect of pain was not seen in male mice, who sought to mate with females whether or not the males (or their potential female partners) were in pain.

Pain made a female mouse significantly less receptive to mating irrespective of where the hurt was: in the cheek, tail, hind legs or genitals.

For males, even a pain in the penis did not dampen the urge to have sex.

Of course blokes are up for it.

For?very root you pass up there no amount of masturbation that can make up for it.

Women always seem to have an excuse…I’m tired (it will only take 10 minutes bear with me), I need romance (light a candle already) or the ubiquitous headache…that was what Panadol was invented for.

There is always facts that you could use in attempting to blag a root….the fact that?orgasm actually releases hormones that deal with a headache. I’m not sure how successful that debating point will be for you, buy it’s worth a crack.