It’s a challenge, let’s have at it

There is some debate over who is challenging whom, with John Key challenging David Cunliffe to a debate on housing.

Labour says the Housing Minister’s asleep at the wheel.

“In my own electorate of New Lynn housing is the number one electorate issue facing people, there are not enough affordable homes,” says Mr Cunliffe.

In a bid to dampen price hikes, the Government is putting most of its effort into boosting supply and making it cheaper to build homes.

But opposition parties say they are ignoring rising demand and need to crack down on foreign buyers and speculators.

Mr Key is hitting back at his critics and has challenged Mr Cunliffe to a debate.

“David Cunliffe wants to have a bit of chat on nationwide TV about it, more than happy to do so, we can call it the first debate, more than happy to do so,” says Mr Key.?

And Winston Peters is claiming he is challenging the PM as well:

Winston won’t be a problem, just have the debate anytime after 2pm and he will so shicker it will be laughable.

David Cunliffe meanwhile continues his xenophobic attacks on foreign home owners and his misguided belief that speculators are driving up house prices.

His lies on capital gains tax would be exposed as mush as his hubris.