Cry Baby update: Cry Baby wins

We covered Cry Baby Jaclyn Philpott yesterday, who wanted to use her deceased Dad’s airpoints, was told she couldn’t because her Dad was dead, and ran to the media with her sob story.

Turns out, had she properly informed Air New Zealand and applied for the points to be transferred to Dad’s estate, all would be OK.

A Christchurch woman who was told her father’s shared Airpoints were?void after his death?has successfully used them to book flights to Hawaii.

Jaclyn Philpott said she was “dumbfounded” when an Air New Zealand call centre worker told her she could not use her father’s shared Airpoints – or Shairpoints – to book flights only a week after his death.

Before he died of lung cancer on April 5, John William Philpott made Jaclyn and her mother members of Shairpoints with Air New Zealand.

The 62-year-old had thousands of Airpoints Dollars from travel with his work as a software and hardware designer.

Those points, combined with Jaclyn and her mother’s, covered return flights to Hawaii for the three of them with an excess of only $370.

But when Jaclyn rang Air New Zealand on Monday to ask about business class upgrades her father had earned, she was told she could not book the tickets because “Dad was dead”. ?

A spokeswoman for Air New Zealand said it was “standard procedure” for Airpoints accounts to be closed “on receipt of notification of the member’s death”.

“Airpoints Dollars are owned by the member and those not redeemed at the time of the member’s death are cancelled unless a formal claim is made by the beneficiary of the member’s estate,” she said.

Jaclyn said she provided a letter from a lawyer and a copy of her father’s will, of which her mother was the sole beneficiary, to Air New Zealand yesterday and an e-ticket confirmation was sent through to her.

Despite this, she was disappointed people had “missed the point” about why she went to The Press.

“We were not told . . . there was an option to go through the estate. It was a downright, “No”. [We were told] if we booked the tickets . . . they would be voided at the gates and legal action could be taken against us.

We missed the point eh?

Jaclyn misses the point that when a family member dies, you are to inform all sorts of organisations of this. ?Because you got the cart before the horse, you took your sob story to the press to make it look like Air New Zealand was at fault, when all it took was for you to formally inform them your Dad had passed and request that the points be transferred to his estate.

Cry Baby.