Cry Baby of the Week

Cry Baby: ?Jaclyn Philpott

The Incident

Jaclyn’s father was an Elite member with Air New Zealand and had done “extensive” travel in his life with his computer software and hardware design business.

Yesterday, Jaclyn decided to book flights for her mother, sister and her to go on holiday to Hawaii together “as that was his wish”.

A planned trip for a family holiday to mark her parents’ 40th wedding anniversary a couple of weeks ago “could obviously not go ahead”.

John had thousands of Airpoints Dollars to his name, which, when combined with Jaclyn and her mother’s, covered return flights to Hawaii for the three of them with an excess of only $370.

But when Jaclyn rang an Air New Zealand call centre to ask about business class upgrades her father had earned, she was told she could not book the tickets because “Dad was dead”.

The appropriate response

As Dad was the Airpoints account holder, his points expired when he expired. ?It says so in the Airpoints Terms and Conditions. ?After a moment to reflect on the disappointment,?Jaclyn would have understood that this is entirely reasonable, and looked for other ways to fund her flights.

The actual response ?

“I said if I had not called them and had just booked the tickets, Air New Zealand would not even know he was dead, but the man said . . . we would be voided at the gate,” she said.

“I asked to speak to a supervisor and she was of a similar stance. She said that I could not book them even though I was clearly a Shairpoints spender on his account.”

Philpott was “dumbfounded” and said while she understood the airline had “black-and-white fine print”, she thought they “should also have a heart”.

“It’s basically, ?You can share your points while you are alive only’. We have travelled extensively and exclusively and loyally with Air NZ as a family – until now,” she said.

Philpott said she went ahead and booked the tickets yesterday, but she was “a bit scared” her family would turn up at the airport in August only to have their tickets declared void.

Dad’s Airpoints don’t get transferred to his family upon his death?Jaclyn. ?The fact you have pigheadedly gone ahead and claimed his Airpoints against the flight when you know that’s against the Terms and Conditions isn’t going to put you in a good spot when you turn up at the airport.

Stop running to the media with a Cry Baby story trying to get social pressure on Air New Zealand to make an exception for you. ? They were your father’s points. ?Not yours.

From T&Cs: “Your Membership will terminate on your death”.

If anything, your family is at fault for not informing Air New Zealand of your Dad’s death, and there is a nasty smell of trying to fraudulently use the points of a deceased account holder.

Grow up.


– Tut tut Anna Pearson @ Stuff for being a Cry Baby enabler.