Cunliffe the Coward


David Cunliffe has turned into a coward after a no show on Campbell Live.

Word on the street is that Matt McCarten pulled the pin late on Friday for the show to do a follow up of the successful BBQ at John Key’s beach house.

David Cunliffe is starting to look like a man under siege and on the run, just flinging out one liners that subsequently are proven to be false or misleading and not fronting for a more indepth look at his life.

If the man wants to be Prime Minister then he needs to start acting like one and not running from pre-organised and booked media appearances.

Perhaps though my commenters from last night are right, David Cunliffe has realised that a show inside his mansion would burst the bubble of carefully crafted hubris surrounding him as the every man down with the bros socialist, and the reality of voters seeing such a fake and obviously wealthy tosspot lording over us all while being frowned upon from afar by his stern and somewhat frumpy wife might have been a step too far.?

The more David Cunliffe appears in public the more people get to see his manufactured and insincere snow job.

In politics you must resonate what you portray and David Cunliffe does none of that.

When he attends Maori focused events he dresses down and puts on a massive tiki, when in a business setting he changes the way he speaks and wears the power suits and when he is on the shop floor pretending to be a died in the wool union brother he fakes that up too with the hard hat and the earmuffs.

The problem is that David Cunliffe is actually tone deaf to all except the melodious tones of his own utterings…or should that be malodorous.

The bottom line is Labour selected a faker, and it is showing. His caucus know it and that is why they are busy setting him up for a power of a fall.

Watch and learn, they won’t run a party vote campaign, they won’t put Cunliffes fakeness on their billboards and they will run him through 30 seconds after the election results are known.