Cunliffe’s daft truck policy

Cunliffe’s getting monstered on talkback for his nutty truck ban…

Trucks can only do 90K by law – so the chances of them being in a fast lane should be small – except if the cars in the other lanes are doing less than 90k. If that’s the case – Cunliffe is saying they’re not allowed to pass the slower traffic.

Just more stupid policy invented on the hoof (or to cover his no show on Campbell Live/Parliament)…

Minister of Transport Gerry Brownlee has called proposals to ban trucks from the fast lane on motorways a joke.

“I think someone’s having us on. It can’t be real,” Mr Brownlee told media this morning.

Labour Leader David Cunliffe made the announcement on TVNZ’s Breakfast this morning saying his party would bring in a motoring policy banning trucks from the right lanes of multi-carriageway roads.

AA’s senior policy analyst Mark Stockdale says the proposal is “a red herring” ?


He says most truckies are responsible drivers and few AA members had complaints about their behaviour.

The chief executive of the Road Transport Forum, Ken Shirley, has labelled the proposal as bizarre.

He says the policy is a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.

“He’s pandering to an anti-trucking prejudice.”

Is these even such a thing? ?Truckies are very aware of their place within the traffic and offer and and all opportunities for other traffic to pass them. ?They will signal to you when to overtake them, because they can see the road ahead when you can’t.

There will always be some ratbags, but on the whole, Truckies aren’t a problem. ?They are an asset to our country. ?If only half the non-truckies would drive as well and courteously.

Well, at least none of the Truckies will be voting Labour now. ?Awesome job.

The Labour leader also announced this morning that his party’s motoring policy would do away with registrations on light trailers and caravans.

Mr Cunliffe further said motorhome owners have been paying too much on road user charges for their motorhomes.

Mr Stockdale says the AA supports Labour’s plans to remove the nominal $35 annual registration fee paid by caravan and trailer owners.

He says the fee has been an administrative nightmare that collects very little in tax.

McCarten and #heyclint better not have a performance clause in their contracts. ?This sort of rubbish is just desperate.

What will be next?

Perhaps Cunliffe now wants to set up work crews to fix cracks in teh pavement to help OCD people.

Special motorway priority lane for people going bald.

Force Fonterra to offer free milk to prison inmates.

Special public holidays for Gingers, Posties, Teachers, civil servants.

Go on, McCarten and #heyclint aren’t doing very well, why don’t you add some Labour Party policy ideas of your own in the comments?