Daily Trivia


Two students were arrested in 1972 for a plan to poison Chicago’s water supply with typhoid, anthrax, and various other pathogens. Released on bond, they hijacked a plane and forced it to go to Cuba; one died in prison and the other eventually made it home, getting five years of probation. (source) ?


Exactly one week before he died, James Dean was warned by Sir Alec Guinness not to get into his new Porsche 550 Spyder, or ?You?ll be found dead in it by this time next week.? (source)


A male moose will break off it’s antlers after mating season to conserve energy for winter, and regrow a new set each year; which can grow up to an inch a day, making it one of the fastest growing animal parts (source)


A tribe of Asian pygmies called the Taron are purposely letting themselves go extinct. They are a pure and isolated race, but inbreeding has caused deformities and mental issues that have prompted their decision to die out and have thus dwindled down to 12. (source)


Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell admitted that there are aliens, space craft, and that contact between ET entities & the US Military has been going on for quite some time. (source)