Daily Trivia


Acne affects 79-95% of western adolescents, yet a study of non-westernized tribes in Papua New Guinea and Paraguay found no cases of acne. (source) ?


The Marquis de Sade wasn’t imprisoned because of anything he wrote, but because his mother-in-law paid the crown to lock him up. (source)


Multigenerational warning signs have been developed to earn of the presence of radioactive waste because it is expected that the written English of today will not be understood as little as 500 years into the future. (source)


Kiwi caddie Steve Williams who walked with Tiger Wood’s bag in 2006 earned 1.27 million dollars. Had he been ranked with tour professionals that year he would have placed in the top 75. (source)


Morphine was used as a cure against opium addiction and later heroin was used as a cure against morphine addiction and even later methadone was used as a cure against heroin addiction. (source)