Destroying Mana in pursuit of fast cash

It is unbelievable but it is happening.

The idiots of the Mana party are seriously contemplating a merger or arrangement with Kim Dotcom’s vanity project the Internet party. Clearly they too have been hoodwinked by his smoke and mirrors act.

This is tearing apart the Mana party very quickly even leading to dissent amongst family members, which given their past history is likely to end in a big family all in brawl.

Mana leader Hone Harawira’s wife, veteran activist Hilda Halkyard-Harawira, is among party members concerned about the likely alliance with the Internet Party.

Halkyard-Harawira raised her concerns in a closed session yesterday afternoon at the party’s conference in Rotorua, with Harawira confirming she remained wary of it.

An alliance looks almost certain after the movement voted to support the ongoing negotiations with Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party. While all seven Mana branches supported the move, there is still significant dissent within the party.

“She’s wary of the deal and understandably so. She sees it from not just a perspective of a Mana member or the wife of the Mana leader but from a long history of involvement in politics and activism,” Harawira said.

Harawira said his wife, who declined to comment, shared the concerns of others about the potential watering down of what the movement stood for.?

She told members yesterday she was worried about the mana of the movement being diminished by a relationship with any other parties.

Protecting that was important and the leaders needed to be wary of guarding that credibility, Harawira said.

“The funny thing for me is that I can convince the whole of the movement but if she says no it’s probably no.”

He was not sure if he would be able to win her over.

“If she’s not going to come over the line then that means a lot to me because she, probably more than anyone else in the world, I respect her opinion on just about anything. We’ve been together 41 years and she is an activist, she has greater standing even than I do.”

I suspect that if Hone Harawira goes against the wishes of the missus then he will probably get the bash.

But Harawira’s wife is right. Doing a deal with the devil will smash the small amount of mana and integrity that the Mana party had. ALready marginalised, they’d be isolated even further.

Kim Dotcom doesn’t play nicely with others, he expects total control…he even wrote a song about “world domination, nation by nation” such is his proclivity towards total control.

I can’t wait until Kim Dotcom has to meet Hone Harawira’s mother.