Dodgy Socialist Dam gets it in the chook

The dodgy socialist dam in Central Hawkes Bay has been given a serious kick in the slats by the Board of Inquiry. The Board of Inquiry approved consents but with some stringent conditions that leave the project struggling for viability.

This is a big win for the opponents of the dam who did not want the Tukituki turned toxic by the HBRC not managing Nitrogen, and setting nutrients levels at toxicity, killing the river. Those who don?t believe it is a win for opponents should view the footage of Craig Foss and Chris Tremain arriving in the house 45 minutes late looking shaken after their pet socialist project got it in chook.

The HBRC needs to have a good long hard look at itself as it made its decisions to proceed based on the exceptionally flawed TRIM model. We have long known the TRIM model is a total jack up to let the dam proceed and the council to turn the Tukituki toxic. The Board of Inquiry appears to have came to the same conclusion we did in October last year.

The dodgy socialist dam being promoted by the dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council is based on a seriously flawed model that is being promoted by the ratbag council staff.

The Tukituki River Instream Model or TRIM is being used as justification for turning the Tukituki toxic. This dodgy model has the following flaws: ??

  • only manages one nutrient, Phosporous
  • does nothing to manage Nitrogen (which is what dairy cows produce to fuck up rivers)
  • has never been externally peer reviewed
  • uses synthetic flows, not real flows
  • has never been proved to work

The model is so dodgy that the HBRC would not release it to submitters on the dam until forced to do so by court order. Even then the submitters were given no time to test the model.

The implications of not managing nitrogen is that it will turn the Tukituki toxic. It also makes the dam economics slightly viable by saving the $70 million dollars by letting farmers pollute free of charge and turn the Tukituki toxic.

This model needs a lot of scrutiny as it has been covered by the ratbags promoting the dam, including Nick Smith. It is an open secret that Nick Smith told DoC to remove the thirty two pages of submissions about this deeply flawed model and replace it with something neutral.

Millions of ratepayers money has been wasted on a dodgy socialist dam that had no chance of success due to a dodgy council who used a dodgy model that would have never been accepted in the Environment Court, and that the Board of Inquiry has seen right through.