The emperor has no clothes: Kim Dotcom’s legal troubles multiply

You have to admit, he had most of you going for a while. ?Maybe not you, the reader, because Whaleoil has been one of the very few media outlets ?(the only one?) that has consistently warned everyone that Kim Dotcom would be a tar pit to anyone who chooses to get near him, as well as the reasons why.

Just three days ago, the combined might of the movie industry filed civil charges against Kim Dotcom.

Today, the combined might of the music industry followed

Four music labels filed a copyright infringement lawsuit on Thursday against the file-sharing website Megaupload and its founder Kim Dotcom, three days after several major movie studios did the same.

The lawsuit says that Megaupload, Dotcom and other defendants “engaged in, actively encouraged, and handsomely profited from massive copyright infringement of music,” according to a statement issued by the Recording Industry Association of America. ?

The plaintiffs are Warner Music Group Corp, a unit of Time Warner Inc, UMG Recordings Inc, a unit of Vivendi SA, Sony Music Entertainment, a unit of Sony Corp and Capitol Records, also owned by Vivendi, and all RIAA members. They say Megaupload generated more than $175 million in illicit profits from copyright infringement while causing “more than half a billion dollars in harm” to copyright owners, according to the lawsuit.

U.S. authorities, which closed down the website in 2012, accuse Megaupload of costing film studios and record companies more than $500 million by encouraging paying users to store and share copyrighted material, such as movies and TV shows.

Dotcom says Megaupload was merely an online warehouse and should not be held accountable if stored content was obtained illegally.

Thursday’s lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia.

That’s handy. ?I think Kim has another court case in Virginia.

One way or another, he’s going to be a busy man for the foreseeable future. ?Well, his lawyers will be.

This adds to the court cases filed against Kim Dotcom in Auckland by ?staff that he has shortchanged. ?And of course his extradition case. ?And don’t forget the cases he is going to bring against New Zealanders and the government – something he promised he would not do.

One way or another, while Kim is trying to keep smiling at the Internet Party end of things, more and more people have had enough of him and are turning against him. ?This includes people that previously considered Kim Dotcom their friend.

Planet Dotcom is imploding. ?Only those who think they can still get some of the loot before it goes belly up are still in the game.

Can he fight on that many fronts? ?It doesn’t matter, because he enjoys using his “full legal capabilities” to “destroy, anybody”.

Looks to me that he’s getting exactly what he wants then.


– ?Reuters