Flight MH370 debacle: why are the simplest of facts still in dispute?

There appears to be little international coordination regarding the information, or its veracity, that is being released about flight MH370. ?At a minimum you’d think they things that were discovered weeks ago would be factual.

The co-pilot of missing Malaysian airliner MH370 attempted to make a mid-flight call from his mobile phone just before the plane vanished from radar screens, a report said yesterday, citing unnamed investigators.

The call ended abruptly, possibly “because the aircraft was fast moving away from the [telecommunications] tower”, the?New Straits Times?quoted a source as saying.

But the Malaysian daily also quoted another source who said that while Fariq Abdul Hamid’s “line was re-attached”, there was no certainty that a call was made from the Boeing 777 that vanished on March 8.

The report ? titled a “desperate call for help” ? did not say who he was trying to contact.

Fariq and captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah have come under intense scrutiny after the plane mysteriously vanished en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board.

There is an ugly scramble going on. ?On the one hand you have the airline and its host nation, possibly backed by the aircraft manufacturer and the insurance company trying to spin everything their way, and on the other hand you have other governments trying to steal the lime light and appear to be on top of the problem. ?

The phone line was “re-attached” between the time the plane veered off-course and blipped off the radar, the Government-controlled paper quoted the second source as saying.

“A ‘re-attachment’ does not necessarily mean that a call was made. It can also be the result of the phone being switched on again.”

Malaysia’s Transport Ministry told AFP that it was examining the?NST?report and would issue a response.

The Malaysian Government and media have repeatedly contradicted each other and themselves over details of the search and criminal investigation.

Incompetence? ?Politics? ?Or something more sinister?

Well over a month later, we still don’t know who to trust.