A Great Candidate for the Nasty Party

Labour?s Tukituki candidate is trying to curry favour with the Nasty faction of the Nasty party by attacking her opponent Craig Foss.

On education, rather than for having a gay ute.

Anna Lorck: Education makes me see red

WHEN a woman wears red something happens – she sparks interest.

And if there’s one thing that’s got me nearly as much attention as being Labour’s new Tukituki candidate, it’s been my red dress – people noticed.

“You’re the one in red” and just like that people start talking to me. We know it’s not the dress, because the conversation quickly changes to what they really want to know, for most they’re not into the politics, they want to find out what makes me tick, do I have heart and will she listen.

Yes a woman like me, who strives for more, with a busy family of five girls, who built a business and lives and breathes the heartland, what made you red enough to stand for Parliament??

I remember the day clearly. It was at my daughter’s prize-giving when the respected school principal spoke out. He told us that in 40 years of his career, it had been the worst he’d experienced. And he asked us, as parents and grandparents, to start challenging the government or we would lose everything that was great in education.

It got under my skin, and every time I thought about it, I felt myself turning redder. I told myself to stand up, for my children, for all children and their future.

My family is right across education – kindergarten – primary – secondary, and next year, university. And I couldn’t let it go, like a dog with a bone.

I won’t let this government, with a string of poor performing ministers, including Tukituki MP Craig Foss, who’ve had their hands on this vital portfolio, continue to make a mockery and mess of education.

So what are you going to do Anna?

Keep attacking Foss on an issue that matters to the ideologically driven teachers unions who fund your party?

Or will you try to run a campaign that focuses on the issues that matter to middle New Zealand?