Green Taliban global trotting Les Mills boss tells centre right voters to take a hike


The body of a half sucked throatie and the sancitmony of the Green taliban

Here is some useful consumer advice. ?Centre right voters can save $1,000 to $2,000 every year by canning their Les Mills membership.

It is kinder on the wallet, better for the environment and gives the two-fingers to the Les Mills CEPO who is using your Les Mills membership dues to back the Labour and Green Party?s.

Philip Mills has piped up on Duncan Garner?s show to explain the dosh he handing out; it?s inaction on climate change ? the defining issue of our time he says.

It?s at?Radiolive?(listen in the 545pm slot 5?55? into it from yesterday’s show).? It will make you spew.

If that is the case, that this is the defining issue of our time, then why doesn?t he offer a membership discount to Labour, Green members and to Gareth Morgan, so that his colours are truly clear.

If that?s the case, , that this is the defining issue of our time,?then perhaps he should shut down?Les Mills International, which, on his Linkedin Profile, says is ?the world?s largest distributor of branded group-exercise programming for health clubs. The ten Les Mills programs (led by BODYPUMP?, the original barbell class) are taught by 90,000 certified instructors in 14,000 licensed clubs in 80 countries.??

I pity the stress he must feel exhibiting at??’International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association’ conventions.? It?s a tough lark being green.

He tells Duncan Garner about the need to go green technologies, so presumably he?ll be ripping out climate control from his fitness clubs.

It is a weird interview from a rich kid dictating his morals to the world, except that he has now gone political, I think he will find a raft of cancelled memberships.

Then again he got a scholarship to the University at California education at Berkley.? That explains much.

And for those who want evidence based research?here?s an excellent link to an Atlantic article in 2012 on type of corporate gyms that he is pushing:

Gyms make most of their money from two sorts of people: 1) Absentee members and 2) super-users who pay not only the monthly fee but also for the add-ons, like trainers and classes, all the way down to the whey smoothies.

“Commercial health clubs need about 10 times as many members as their facilities can handle, so designing them for athletes, or even aspiring athletes, makes no sense,”?Men’s Journal?explained in?Everything You Know About Fitness Is a Lie.?One way to build a financially efficient gym is to make it appear really financially?inefficient?for gym rats:

The winning marketing strategy, according to?Recreation Management Magazine, a health club-industry trade rag, focuses strictly on luring in the “out-of-shape public,” meaning all of those people whose doctors have told them. The entire gym, from soup to nuts, has been designed around getting suckers to sign up, and then getting them mildly, vaguely exercised every once in a long while, and then getting them out the door.

It is bad enough having sanctimonious tosspots like Gareth Morgan lecturing us but now Philip Mills. Excuse me if I don;t doge his gym chain more than I dodge all the others.