The Huddle at 1740


Larry Williams is away tonight and so the Huddle will be with Susan Wood and Josie Pagani.

First up we?ve got the appointment of Deborah Manning to Cunliffe?s staff. She?ll be deputy chief of staff ? clearly reporting to Matt McCarten.?It?s an odd appointment from my perspective as she doesn?t look to have the political background you?d expect of someone in that senior position.?But hey ? I guess she and Cunliffe have a history ? even if it?s as adversaries.

Then we?ve also got the police looking for more women to join the force ? can?t say that they?re going to be able to attract more women even with a campaign?I mean the clients are oiks!?It?s a difficult one to pitch to women as a long term career prospect.?

Finally…It?s all about the royals and the way the visit has been embraced by the public.?They have been cheered like rock stars with people turning up in the middle of the night to get vantage points.?I would not have thought that average NZ would have been as enthusiastic as it has been about this tour.?I am quite surprised by the level of interest and effort that?s gone into the crowds.?Not to mention the fact that every time the Duke and Duchess step out the UK papers dedicate their front pages to the tour.?All in all I?d say even if you?re not a fan ? you can?t deny the publicity for NZ has been incredible.

You can listen online via iHeartRadio or usual methods.

I will post audio in the morning.