Just because he’s a Kiwi doesn’t give him ‘victim’ status. He was a terrorist!

A Kiwi has been killed in a drone strike against an al Qaeda terrorist training camp.

Naturally the terrorist hugging opposition politicians are all aghast and their pals in the media think this is just dreadful.

Isaac Davison reports:

A Kiwi killed in a drone strike in Yemen had attended a terrorist training camp and may have been a foot soldier for al-Qaeda.

The man, whose name and age have not been released, died after an incident on November 18. It is understood his identity had only been confirmed recently.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade confirmed the New Zealand-born man was believed to have died in a counter-terrorism operation.

However, they refused to be drawn on the specifics of that operation.?

“We never discuss the details of such activity,” an Mfat spokesman said. “There was no New Zealand involvement in, or prior awareness of, the operation.”

The Australian reported the man had dual Australian citizenship and was a “foot soldier” for al-Qaeda in Yemen. He went by the name Muslim bin John and fought under the alias Abu Suhaib al-Australia, the newspaper said.

He is said to have been killed alongside an Australian citizen named as Christopher Harvard of Townsville, during a United States Predator drone strike on five al-Qaeda militants travelling in a convoy of cars in Yemen.

You are who you hang out with…in this case this bloke was hanging with terrorists and that makes him one too.

Terrorists deserve everything they get, in this case a missile strike and splattered all over the desert in Yemen.

One thing is for sure though, this bunch of ratbags won;t be committing anymore acts of terrorism and are now probably enjoying their fill of the 72 virgins that these fools are promised are awaiting them in heaven.


Source/ NZ Herald