Kim Dotcom stops talking to imaginary people

I can’t believe the twists and turns this farce has provided. ?Kim Dotcom says he has a sitting electorate MP in his pocket ?(later he dropped the “electorate” from the claim). ?Yesterday he told us

Talks between Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party and a sitting MP who had been thinking about jumping ship have been called off.

The Internet Party says following Mana’s decision to continue negotiations over a possible alliance, the MP and the Internet Party have “mutually agreed to end further discussions”.

“Respecting the confidentiality agreement entered into by the MP and the Internet Party to allow for free and frank discussions, Kim Dotcom, who led talks with the MP on behalf of the Internet Party, advises that no further comment will be made on this matter,” the party said in a statement. ?

Earlier this month, Prime Minister John Key said he’d be “absolutely staggered” if any of his MPs decided to join the Internet Party, and no other MPs came forward.

Several experts and even a Beauty and Life style blogger have run the numbers, and there simply wasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that any electorate MP would risk their career, reputation and future by giving up their seat and joining the Internet Party.

Keep in mind that my Mansion listening devices have been working overtime for months, and I don’t know of any sitting MP that has talked to Dotcom beyond the ones we have already identified. ?Neither does anyone else. ?Only Dotcom seems to know who this mystery MP is.

Could Dotcom be having talks with someone without me knowing about it?

Possible, but unlikely.

I’m in stitches about Kim and his imaginary friend respecting their confidentiality agreement.

At least Kim is starting to figure out that to keep anything from me is to simply not tell anyone.