Len Brown fails Auckland again

Nicholas Jones reports on the Auckland housing market

First-home buyers may be squeezed out but property prices in Auckland remain high as one agency reports record average sale prices.

March residential data from Harcourts for Auckland and Northland shows its average sales price now sits at a record high of $697,454.

That is up 12 per cent on the same time last year and 9 per cent on February’s figures.

But Harcourts chief executive Hayden Duncan said its figures showed overall demand was undented as “there are more buyers than there are houses”.

“The only way to slow prices in Auckland is the mass construction of new houses to meet the demand.

“While more construction is planned, we are a long way off achieving the numbers needed. Expect prices to continue to climb for some time yet.”

Instead of farting around with a million here and a million there by playing around with services like The Auckland Helicopter Trust and the Auckland Philharmonic, Len Brown’s focus should be on getting more houses sorted out for Auckland. ?

At the current rate of growth, we’re staring down a median Auckland house costing close to a million dollars for no other reason than Len Brown not addressing one of the most essential cost of living factors of his own constituents.

While you are shaking?the Duchess of Cambridge’s hand today, you might want to reflect on what is really important to your rate payers. ? Just the additional interest paid on mortgages around Auckland over the next 10 years will absolutely dwarf anything else you are stuffing around with.

If we can’t get you to go away, at least focus on helping people keep their money in their own pocket instead bleeding them dry through mortgages and rates.


– NZ Herald