Mana and internet parties agree to date more before engagement

Well, it isn’t a marriage made in heaven.

Mana and the Internet Party had an arranged date yesterday, and there are no talks of marriage. ?But to ensure it doesn’t sound like a complete failure, they’ve announced they’ll date some more.

Hone Harawira and Kim Dotcom have taken the next step in their slow dance, after Mana Party members agreed late last night to move forward in negotiations with the Internet Party.

The Mana Party has given its leaders a month to negotiate, before they put any proposed alliance out to the party’s local branches for consultation.

Yeah, Dotcom is on Maori time now. ?I doubt he realised that the speed of decision making in Maoridom is glacial. ?And a month is long time in politics. ?You never know what might happen.

How did Dotcom appeal to his fellow bros and wahines?

The internet tycoon and his entourage arrived at the Mana annual meeting in large Porsche and Mercedes SUVs but he pulled out all the stops to convince Mana of his working-class credentials.

He had spent the journey down from his Coatesville mansion being briefed by a Ngati Whatua kaumatua on marae protocol and the Treaty of Waitangi. ?

The German millionaire and alleged internet pirate spoke of his impoverished terror-stricken childhood as the son of an alcoholic father.

Having grown up poor he was committed to Mana’s core principles of tackling poverty.

“I’m all for the betterment of Maori, I’m all for social justice. Just because I live in a big flash house doesn’t mean I don’t care about people who are disadvantaged.”

This is just absurd.

Anyone who actually falls for this shouldn’t be allowed to vote, let alone be part of a political party.

Of course, behind the scenes, people are being told to pretend this is genuine stuff, just long enough to fleece the German of his tech and his money.

They know he is desperate, and the longer that Mana “negotiate”, the more they will be able to extract from Dotcom’s pockets.

I can’t blame Dotcom for trying. ?He’s fast running out of sensible options. ?Standing in front of the most disaffected Maori this country has cultivated and claim you’re down with the Bros… is anyone buying?

Yep. ?Dotcom is.

And the “negotiations” will be as long as needed to ?extract the maximum amount from a desperate man.


– NZ Herald