Why is National so useless at selections?

Party President Peter ?Dopey? Goodfellow needs to be held to account for the tardy selection process that means National is running seriously late with their selections.

Good candidates on the ground lift the all important party vote, yet there are some seats that havent even got a date for selection.


Nominations Open
Nominations Close


12th April
28th April


15th April
30th April

Dunedin South

19th April
2nd May ?

Bay of Plenty*

19th April
5th May

Palmerston North

19th April
5th May

Te Atatu*

2nd May
12th May

Hutt South

3rd May
19th May

Christchurch Central**

6th May
20th May

Port Hills

6th May
14th May

The last one is the most troubling as some deluded fools in National think they are going to beat Ruth Dyson because boundary changes are a problem for her.

If they were serious about beating Ruth they would have had a candidate in place late last year, someone who would have been campaigning flat out for five months already if National weren’t so useless.

What’s worse is they haven’t even announced the date for selection for Mt Roskill or Manukau East, giving the new candidates bugger all time to get the campaign under way.

Dopey might be running the line that boundary changes cause problems, but it is impossible to imagine Judy Kirk would have been this dopey with selection.