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Charlie Chaplin on Wall Street in 1918


Charlie Chaplin hoisted into the air on the arms of Douglas Fairbanks, 1918. They are standing on the Treasury building on Wall Street, as they sold?Liberty Loans during the Third Loan Campaign.

The two men were great friends. They toured the United States together (along with famous film star Mary Pickford, who Fairbanks was dating) raising money for War Bonds during World War I (Chaplin is standing on Fairbanks? shoulders) ?

The two even decided to form their own motion picture studio together, along with Pickford and director D.W. Griffith. That studio, United Artists, in one form or another has continued to exist to this very day.


  • The respect. No policemen, no crowd control, everyone keeping a respectful distance.
  • The hats. ?Almost everyone was wearing hats. The wearing of hats was largely abandoned in the 1960s; some have hypothesized that the explosion of the automobile made wearing hats for protection from the elements less necessary.
  • The crowd is overwhelmingly men. Women just did not go out as much at the beginning of the 2oth Century. It was truly a man?s world.