Sensible Sentencing Trust calls for establishment of a Victims Commissioner

The Sensible Sentencing Trust?is supporting a call for an independent Victims? Commissioner saying it appears to be the only way to ensure Victims? needs are adequately taken care of.

Trust Spokesman, Garth McVicar said while he appreciated the Government had put a lot of money into trying to improve victim services as long as the service providers were under the umbrella of Ministry of Justice or some other Govt. Department nothing would change. ?

?The only way I can see positive change happening is if there is an independent voice not scared to challenge the status quo and speak-up or advocate on Victims? behalf.

Sensible Sentencing Trust is the only real advocate Victims? have, and we are a voluntary organization stretched way beyond our means.

For an organization started by one man and his wife in 2001 to have grown to now be N Z?s largest privately funded Victim advocate shows there is a real need that is not being met by the current system.

If as a Nation we are really serious about looking after Victims? of crime the time has come to appoint a Victims? Commissioner?.