Is Simon Bridges really a future National leader? Ctd

Simon Bridges has always had the look of someone who thinks he will become Prime Minister almost by default.

He has a few things going for him like a safe seat and a reasonable media presence, but he looks like he is more of a Bill English, David Shearer or David Cunliffe type leader than a John Key or a Helen Clark.

What happened to English, Shearer and Cunliffe is they thought they could do well in the polls through natural talent, not through hard work and building up their party and people to make sure they could win. Like English, Shearer and Cunliffe, Simon Bridges is doing little build up his own caucus, or the National Party or the vitally important donor base. ?

What serious judges of Simon Bridges? future should be looking at are the selections in the seats close to him. In 2011 Coromandel was stitched up by the bugger’s muddle and my oldest friend in caucus Scott Simpson won it. In 2014 Taranaki King Country went to Barbara Kuriger and Bay of Plenty is to be selected, with the likely candidate not someone in Bridges? camp.

If Bridges really wanted to be leader he would have done the hard yards getting his mates selected in the three safest seats closest to him. He didn?t, and he doesn?t appear to have any good people lined up to win any seats, except perhaps his brother in Hunua. So there is no core team of Bridges? supporters, which isn’t a great start for someone who has to win half of caucus to become leader.

Then to add insult to injury Bob Jones carved him up int eh Herald yesterday,?calling all sorts of ratbags out for being ratbags, and he did not spare aspiring National leader Simon Bridges.

He/she told television that John Key wanted to destroy the environment, which he/she cannot possibly believe. But immensely more offensive was television then bringing on Simon Bridges in rebuttal. Given his barbarous butchering of the English language, on reflection I’d rather listen to lies than endure that.

You know a politician is bad when a bloke like Bob would rather listen to lies than your mangled diction.