The toxic Greens

David Cunliffe needs the Greens to make him PM.

However his focus groups and internal polling are showing that the voters are nervous, especially about the toxic Greens. Which is why he won’t say publicly that he needs them.

That’s why there’s been this pretend break up.

Winston’s worked that out, even if Bryce Edwards can’t;

And so have the public:

Would you vote for a Labour/Greens coalition?

Yahoo poll


David Cunliffe knows the Greens are toxic, Winston Peters knows theya re toxic, and the public knows they are toxic.

Winston Peters is right, politics is about mathematics and arithmetic in particular and anyone can see that the Greens and Labour alone cannot make it. And anyone who knows Winston Peters knows he cannot abide the Green party.

Peters is basically saying “I won’t tell you who I’ll go with but all sides are rubbish. Let me decide.”

No thanks…with all the carry on with the Internet party, Winston Peters trying to remain relevant and the dopey Greens pretending they can be in government we might yet see a MMP election where one party wins the majority vote.