Wanting to find oil isn’t a sacking offence, but cuddling unions is

Greenpeace, the?dodgy ratbags who expatriate most of their money and avoid paying taxes here want to run a campaign to sack Simon Bridges.

They want Simon Bridges sacked for wanting to explore our countryside for signs of oil and other minerals…explore mind you not actually mine for them. They consider this to be a sacking offence.

The NZ Herald reports:

Greenpeace has launched a campaign calling for the sacking of Energy and Resources Minister Simon Bridges, saying “he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing”.

“On April 2, New Zealand’s largest forest park was offered up for possible drilling and mining. Then a few days later Simon Bridges admitted that he didn’t even know it existed,” says the campaign press release.

At the time of going to press, almost 5000 emails had been sent to Prime Minister John Key, calling for him to sack his minister. ?


If this action doesn’t prove once and for all they are a tax dodging, offshore, political lobbying group then nothing will.

Well once they start paying taxes here and stop pretending they are a charity instead of a political lobbying group perhaps we might listen to them.

This isn’t a sacking offence of course, but cuddling up to unions and refusing to make simple reforms that remove cosy little rorts established by labour and Trevor Mallard is a sacking offence as far as I am concerned.

So far he is proving to be just as cosy with the unions as Kate Willkinson, and we all know what happened to her.


Source/ NZ Herald