Why I won’t vote Internet party – Observation by the Owl

So far I have given my reason why I won’t give my vote to Labour and the Greens. I thought I would give the Internet Party time to launch so to see?if I could agree with their policies.

My issue is – I don’t know who the leader is?

It is a bit like Owen Glenn and Eric Watson at the Warriors – “we don’t run it but we own it and while we give the CEO full responsibility we are should be consulted but we will always support the CEO as long as we?like what he is doing and Eric has told me about everything he is not fully responsible for?”

Confused – so am I about Internet Party.

I cannot for the life of me name the leader and yet I know that Kim Dotcom is the leader of a party he is not legally allowed to lead. ?

Then their coalition parties is as I see it is made up of Hone, Clare and only if David and Russell say it is okay that both will bring something to the table which Kim Dotcom can fund – like judicial reviews on extradition proceedings.

So in a nutshell, Labour,?Greens, Mana are only going to be successful if their powerful Internet Party can fund policy announcements – like judicial reviews.

Now finally here is the most interesting bit – It is called the Internet Party -?for?a party based on on-line electioneering – every time I google the Internet Party all I get is bad press about?Labour, Greens, Mana and some law suit.

Observation by the Owl

Actually a vote for Internet Party would actually dilute Greens and Labour – it is worth a thought but based on the fact that I don’t know who the?leader is….that is a fail.