Dodgy Socialists Having a Sook about their Dam being Blocked

The Socialist Ratbags at the Hawkes Bay Regional Council tried to impose a rule change on the Tukituki River that would have turned it toxic.

They wanted to allow businesses to pollute the river to toxicity by not managing Nitrogen. This single nutrient management approach was found by the Board of Inquiry to be hopeless and they couldn?t work out why the ratbag scientists had changed their opinion from saying you had to manage N to that you didn?t have to manage N.

The Ruataniwha dam could be “put on ice” pending a legal challenge if strict environmental controls proposed for the Tukituki catchment are confirmed by a board of inquiry.

The same environmental controls could have a big impact on major primary sector employers in Hawke’s Bay, and cost the region jobs, the regional council was told yesterday.

A new environmental regime – setting limits on nutrient levels and river flows in the Tukituki catchment – is part of a draft decision handed down by the board of inquiry that considered the consent application for the $275 million Ruataniwha dam and irrigation scheme for Central Hawke’s Bay.

For those that don?t know what happened, the dodgy socialists at the HBRC wanted to piss away close to $300m of taxpayers and ratepayers money on a dam that would have benefited 150 farmers. ?

To get this through they knew they had to turn the Tukituki River catchment toxic by allowing businesses to pollute. They also knew that if they went through the Environment Court they would not be allowed to let businesses pollute.

So they went to the Board of Inquiry, which does not allow legal challenges to its decisions on anything but points of law. They thought that a Board of Inquiry without experienced Environment Court judges wouldn?t see pollution for what it is, and would let them pollute.

The BOI came back with the right decision, 150 farmers shouldn?t be subsidised to pollute a river.

So the council is having a big sook about it, and trying to change the decision. Putting the dodgy socialist dam ?on ice? was not an option earlier, when the council claimed that the dam needed to be built this year or the world would end.

There should be a formal independent investigation into the extremely dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council and why three scientists changed their story on managing N.

Meanwhile if the council could set about cleaning up the river by fixing the sewage works at Waipawa that would be a big help.