Gutless, bewildered and disgusting

NEXT! Winston Peters

Winston Peters is looking increasingly bewildered and gutless after he refused to discuss his allegations against Brendan Horan, instead refusing to answer at all.

Adam Bennett reports:

NZ First Leader Winston Peters refused to answer questions about his ugly parliamentary put-down of his rogue former MP Brendan Horan in his first day back after making the comment a week ago.

Reacting to a series of interruptions from Mr Horan, who is running a campaign against his former political mentor, Mr Peters had referred to him in the House as “the Jimmy Savile of New Zealand politics”. British broadcaster Savile was accused after his death of child sex abuse.

Mr Peters avoided reporters on the way from the House after offering the insult but was back yesterday. Asked what he meant by the comment his response was “next question” which he gave 10 more times to follow up questions.

While he is in parliament he demands the Prime Minister stands by all his statements, but he won’t stand by his own.?

He claims that Huka Lodge had been sold, it still hasn’t and certainly not to any chinese as he claimed.

He claimed he had the goods on Judith Collins, and that she’d be gone by?Friday…almost 3 weeks ago. Judith Collins is still sitting there.

Now he has made scurrilous claims against Brendan Horan, claims he made in parliament but won’t repeat outside of it for fear of a massive defamation suit.

The man is out of touch, bewildered, gutless and a political charlatan.


– NZ Herald