Labour’s broke, got no policy, resorts to smears and Nasty party tactics

So Labour’s broke – no one’s coming to their fundraisers (and there are lots of them) and they want the taxpayer to fund their campaigns.

Therefore?they are going after National’s donors which have all be declared according to the law and hurling murk at known donors and ministers in order to scare them off in the future. They did this ti Owen Glenn remember.

I just hope that Labour has declared all of their donors in accordance with the law. It would be an extremely bad look after Trevor Mallard’s allegations yesterday in the house if it turns out that Labour took substantial cash donations and failed to declare them.

I foresee bad things for Labour.

Meanwhile let’s look at some more Labour donation schemes.

There is this from Chris Hipkins:

Helen Clark was the one who attended that fundraiser as the guest speaker.

And Helen Clark caused a diplomatic incident with comments over a Labour party fundraiser.

Former Prime Minister Helen Clark says concerns by the US Embassy over the screening of Michael Moore’s film?Fahrenheit 9/11?for a Wellington Central Labour Party fundraising event showed “outright bullying” and “unprofessional” conduct by officials.

And former Defence Force chief Sir Bruce Ferguson says the embassy staff member who linked New Zealand’s humanitarian mission to Iraq to deals for Fonterra in one of his diplomatic cables must have been “smoking dope”. ??

The cables are among the 1500 from New Zealand which have been part of 250,000 US diplomatic cables from around the globe leaked by WikiLeaks.

One cable shows that former deputy chief of mission David Burnett was concerned enough about the fundraiser in July 2004 to call Helen Clark’s office.

He said the fundraiser was to be hosted by Marian Hobbs, the MP for Wellington Central at the time and a Cabinet minister. He also telephoned Marian Hobbs’ office but her staff would not put him through to her to discuss it.

Helen Clark’s office got back to him to say the minister would be attending but not hosting the event.

Mr Burnett suggests in his cable to Washington that a “potential fiasco” may have been averted because of his phone calls.

“It is apparent to us that neither the minister nor anyone else in the Labour Government seems to have thought there was anything wrong with a senior minister hosting such an event.

“Ambassador will use a scheduled meeting with the Prime Minister to tell Clark of the near instantaneous press queries for [US Government] comment in this matter and remind her that we would really rather not get dragged into internal political issues, such as Ministerial fundraising events for Clark’s Labour Party.”

Helen Clark said yesterday that the fundraiser had been put on by the Labour electorate committee.

If Trevor Mallard can make allegations of corruption then so can we.

I noticed that Annette King’s husband Ray Lind also paid a $10,000 kick-back to the Labour Party after Cunliffe saved his skin by sacking the Hawkes Bay District Health Board:

Ray Lind

If Trevor Mallard and Grant Robertson can link donations to actions in their fairy tale join the dots campaign then so can we. The evidence is undeniable. David Cunliffe sacked the HBDHB and subsequently Ray Lind donated to the Labour party…it must have been a pay off for favours, surely?

As I have said previously Labour are doing this because they are broke and their union proxies are yet to cough up the funds for the election campaign, so they are torching the whole donations landscape so that they can make a push for state funding of political parties…so your taxes can go into funding Labour or the Greens even though you don’t support them.