Maori party picks unwanted ex-councillor for Te Tai Tonga

The Maori Party have given up on the Te Tai Tonga seat by picking the third most unpopular person in Christchurch, Bob Parker’s deputy.

The Maori Party has picked former Christchurch deputy mayor Ngaire Button as its Te Tai Tonga candidate.

Button, of Tuhoe and Ngati Porou descent, brought an astute business mind and an impressive background in local body politics to the Maori Party agenda, co-leader Tariana Turia said.

She was deputy mayor “during times when the people were shattered by the traumatic impact of the 2011 earthquakes”.

Button, who was Sir Bob Parker’s deputy for three years and a city councillor for nine, said standing for Parliament had always been at the back of her mind.

After losing her council seat in last October’s local body elections she had questioned whether she would ever get involved in politics again.

But she believed in the Maori Party and what it stood for so she had contacted party co-leader Tariana Turia to offer her assistance in the forthcoming election. She had thought she would simply be working behind the scenes but after several discussions she had been persuaded to stand as the party’s Te Tai Tonga candidate.

The Labour Party incumbent has proved as useless as the Tainui princess and her gifted seat in the North Island, he apparently is related to someone who is well known in maoridom from decades past so it makes perfect sense to back someone born with a silver spoon in his mouth that has never had any need to achieve anything in life.

Is there a single reason why someone on the Maori roll should ever vote Labour?


– The Press