Is this what happened at the Christchurch mosque?

This came in via a trusted source, who says it requires confirmation before it is considered factual

A friend in Christchurch told me about a co-worker of hers (I got no name, he does not want to end up with a fatwah against him). She considers him a morally upright individual.

About 10 years ago he went to the mosque in Christchurch that is making all the news.

He had no interest in converting to Islam, he was simply curious.

I am not sure over what time period he attended the mosque, but he felt sufficiently concerned about what he saw and heard, with regards to extremism, that he went to the NZ Police to ensure they knew what was going on.

He also said that Kiwi converts to Islam were being offered over $30,000.

Paid for by the Saudi’s (I don’t know exactly who, government or charity or quasi-govt-charity).

I don’t know what the provisions or the requirements were to get this payout.

I must admit I am shocked that they are using money.

As someone who takes a great interest in the history of world religions, I had never heard of this.

It strikes me as a flawed method of long-term conversion.

Wikipedia does makes mention that the Muslim conquerors of Central Asia/Persia used money to get their new subjects to attend the Mosque.

So there is precedent.

Wikipedia is badly cited.

I managed to find the page in the book referenced. See attachment, and link to the book below.

Pages 181 – 183 are fascinating.

I believe this does reflect modern Muslim practices to a certain extent, despite being practiced in 1000 AD, and sounds similar to the NZ situation.

Anyone who can fill in some of the blanks, feel free to use the Tipline