Human Wrongs Commission continues to protect rights of convicted kiddy fiddler [UPDATED]

A convicted pedophile has managed to continue to keep his name and details secret despite there being no record of a permanent name suppression order.

The?Office of Human Rights Proceedings continues to battle the Sensible Sentencing Trust in protecting the rights of pedophile criminals over the rights of victims and the larger community.

A convicted paedophile has won his case to keep his identity a secret after the Sensible Sentencing Trust obtained leaked details of his offending and posted them online.

The man was convicted in 1995 of offending against two girls in 1975 and 1977. He was sentenced to 12 months in prison.

In 2009 an employee of the police unlawfully accessed his criminal record and supplied a copy of it to his employer. The details were leaked to the Sensible Sentencing Trust (SST). ?

The SST published details of the man’s identity and offending on their website after a court memo showed there was no record of a name suppression order.

The man took his case to the Privacy Commissioner, and at a Human Rights Tribunal hearing at the Auckland District Court in August last year the Director of Human Rights Proceedings said the man’s privacy had been breached.

If ever the government was looking for much needed savings in government expenditure it should look at closing these bodies down, as they seem more interested in protecting the rights of criminals than the general public.

It is an outrage that public interest and protection is trumped by the privacy rights of a convicted pedophile…one who runs a family friendly motel…complete with a playground for kids.

There is something sick when these wombles protect pedophiles over the general public.

UPDATE: Here is a court minute showing that no permanent name suppression exists, a fact the Human Wrongs Commission conveniently ignores. The court minute uses his name (which I have redacted) and calls him the “above-named”. In issues of suppression this does not occur…there is no permanent name suppression and as was established in my own cases name suppression ends at the next court appearance unless specifically applied for. Interim name suppression cannot exist in a permanent state.

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– NZ Herald