Paranoid Winston Peters dumps candidate?

Via the Tipline

NZ First is in dire straights. They only had two people?nominated in Tauranga ?- Murray Guy, the ex city councillor being the?frontrunner. Both were rejected. Guy is pretty annoyed after being?promised a high list ranking by Winston’s minion Edwin Perry…


This of course reflects the fact that all of NZ First being a “party” is a face. ?It is nothing more than a Winston Peters cult. ?And those who want to be on the ride only have to do one thing: ?say nothing. ? You’re just there for 3 years to take the money and to do absolutely nothing of substance. ?

To be fair, Murray has bigger plans and wants to make a difference.


So no matter how good the candidate, no matter how much supported by the party hierarchy, if Winston doesn’t like the cut of your jib, you’re dead in the water.

Winston is paranoid.