Sugar now blamed for all Maori woes


I know it?s?Friday?and has been a long week for opposition politicians hogging the limelight, but did Tariana Turia really just blame sugar as the food of colonisation?

Seems so.

Yesterday a bunch of troughers turned up in Wellington?demanding action against Fizzy drinks.

As usual, a number of carefully selected MPs were invited. One of which was Labour?s Annette King, who was quick out of the starting blocks saying ?Labour supports a fat tax across the board not just on fizzy drinks?.

Poor old Green Taliban MP Kevin Hague had his thunder stolen with that remark.

The other MP attending was outgoing Maori Party co-leader and keen trougher supporter Tariana Turia.?They have taken the cake when it comes to placing the blame on others.?


Tariana Turia is blaming sugar as the food of colonisation and is the reason why Maori stats are full of overweight fatties.

Maybe the hangi has nothing to do with it.

Maybe actually doing some exercise has nothing to do with it?

It?s surprising that Tariana Turia didn?t call for plain packs for fizzy drinks.

Then again, maybe she didn?t because she knows it?s not working in Australia.