More apartheid money for our increasingly unequal society

Labour bangs on about inequality.

And it is true, the government continues to encourage widening of the gaps between the haves and the have nots. It’s just that the inequality is in areas you never knew.

If you have Maori heritage you get showered with cash and if not you get what everyone else gets….three fifths of five eighths of stuff all.

Associate Minister of Housing Tariana Turia today announced the establishment of a National M?ori Housing Unit within the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE) to co-ordinate strategic M?ori housing policy across government.

The M?ori Housing Unit will also support the implementation of?He Whare Ahuru He Oranga Tangata ? The M?ori Housing Strategy?which was announced recently. This strategy sets out six directions for improvement in M?ori housing over the next 10 years.

?The establishment of the M?ori Housing Unit is another step in the Government?s plan to improve housing for M?ori, who more than other New Zealanders are affected by overcrowding, substandard housing and low levels of home ownership,? says Minister Turia.

The M?ori Housing Unit will in turn be supported by a M?ori Housing Reference Group made up of M?ori business and housing practitioner experts.

Brown troughers are the best at it…troughing that is. If there was a troughing Olympics Maori would win hands down…followed closely by farmers…and health academics in third place.

And even better from their perspective absolutely no one can complain about it because if you do you are a white oppressor racist pig.

But wait there is more cash that needs laundering through the brown wash machine.

?I am also announcing today that the funding provided by the Government through the K?inga Whenua Infrastructure Grant and the M?ori Housing Fund to support M?ori housing development will be administered by the North Island Wh?nau Ora Commissioning Agency Te Pou Matakana,? says Mrs Turia.

?This organisation is working at a grass roots level to help meet the needs of wh?nau and families and provide the right kind of support that enables them to realise their potential.

?We want to see more M?ori organisations involved in building houses, managing rental tenancies, providing affordable rentals and developing home ownership programmes for M?ori wh?nau.

?By incorporating the Wh?nau Ora approach to include housing needs, wh?nau and families can achieve realistic goals. ?Te Pou Matakana is well placed to work with M?ori organisations to help deliver this vision.

With treaty settlements coming to an end surely it is time to end the brown welfare budget too?