Aussies are “rascals and cowards”

convictsI thought newspapers were supposed to tell us things we didn’t already know?

Australia is an outpost of “rascals and outlaws” that will soon adjust to the shifting realities of power, says a Chinese state-owned newspaper.

“Australia’s history is not short of records of human rights infringement on the Aboriginal population,” said the Global Times, China’s most popular tabloid, in an editorial published in the newspaper’s?English?and?Chinese?editions today.

“The country used to be a place roamed by rascals and outlaws from Europe,” it said. “Perhaps it has to boast its values to cover up its actual lack of confidence in front of Western countries.”

Well, hello. ?We all know they’re of convict stock. ?Nothing new there. ?

The newspaper, owned by The People’s Daily, the Communist Party’s self-described “mouthpiece”, was responding to comments made by Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop?published by Fairfax Media?on Thursday.

The Chinese version of the Global Times editorial goes further than the English version, using a Beijing colloquialism to describe Ms Bishop as a “complete fool” and suggesting her government won’t last long.

In the interview, Ms Bishop bluntly pledged to stand up for Australian values and to “manage for the worst” when dealing with China, while criticising the alleged temerity and incoherence of Labor predecessors. ?”China doesn’t respect weakness,” she said.

Ms Bishop was making the point that the Abbott Government’s more strident advocacy on China, particularly on security matters, had not led to the punitive economic response that Australian critics had predicted.

It appears China isn’t fond of Australia’s “complete foo” foreign minister. ?Mind you, imagine a left coalition being charge after September 20. ?We would be agreeing with similar assessments.

“Bishop calls for standing up to China, but what resources does she have to do so with? The next day, Australian leaders will smile at China again, just as they do now to Japan.”

Yep. ?Otherwise known as preaching to the choir, saber rattling, and then bowing and scraping when China notices.

Never a good idea to upset one of your largest trading partners with talk of telling them how to run their country.

Especially the Chinese.


– Fairfax