It’s called a cheque Colin, and stuff all people use them these days

This is a quote from Colin Craig:

“I couldn’t even buy stationary at the shop this morning, without giving the man behind the counter a signed autograph.”

A signed autograph? Really? You autographed an autograph? Was it your dad?

The man is a complete muppet.

Stupidly he is also going toe to toe with Winston Peters, who is loving the attention and promising crazy policies like BCIR.

If National wants Conservative Party support it will have to make referendums binding, says the party’s leader Colin Craig.

He’s used his keynote speech at the party’s annual conference this weekend to highlight the party’s policy as a “bottom line” for any coalition negotiations.

Speaking to about 120 of the party’s rank and file, Craig said National was running a “nanny state”, that had grown “too big and too proud”.

“It’s time the government was smaller, it’s time the government was more efficient and it’s time the government was beholden to the people who voted them in. ?

“It’s time they were put on a leash, and made to be a public service ,” he said.

The party’s policies for tougher sentences, binding referendums, smaller government and less tax, were received by the party faithful with cheers and applause.

Talking referendums, Craig said more people voted against the smacking law than ever voted for John Key to be Prime Minister.

“Over 87 per cent is not a suggestion Mr Key, it’s as clear as it gets.”

Why is this fool re-litigating the smacking debate…it is a dead duck.

As for BCIR, only cowards who don;t know their own mind believe in these. Usually they are single issue nutters who think that most of the population are well informed on issues. Look at the stupid referendum on asset sales. National campaigned on it, Labour opposed it, National won the election and went ahead and the opposition tried to re-litigate the outcome via a referendum. If they were binding then the governments fiscal package that relied upon asset sales would have been killed off and our borrowing would have been even higher than it is already in paying for a burgeoning welfare state with entitlements locked in by the former labour government.

If that is the Conservatives bottom line then National will happily tell them that they will be invoking their “no dickheads rule” and count Colin Craig’s cult of weirdos out from their maths.

Oh they will be polite about it, saying that they might have a think if Colin’s cult makes it over 5% but until then no deals…no dickheads.

A vote for Colin Craig is a vote to enable a Labour/Green/Internet/Mana/NZ First coalition government.

Every vote the Conservative pick up is from National and against National.


– Fairfax