Cowardly Cunliffe caught in another lie

David Cunliffe is too scared to debate John Key and so went after the ref instead in labour’s continuing war against the media.

War on the media is the last resort of losers and so it is that Labour and their proxies are now building dossiers against media people that they hate.

But David?Cunliffe has been caught in another lie.

He like to talk tough, descriptions of “game on”, bring the battle to Key”, “The War room”, Labour being on a “war footing”.

Unfortunately his tough talking rhetoric is backed only with cowardy, cowardy, custard.

Listen to him from a couple of months back talk the big game with Tim Fookes.?

Now when it comes to the debate….all of a sudden he is moaning about the ref.

The man lacks the courage and backbone to lead this country.

On top of that his bravado and tough talking is backed only by lies in the end.

If he was true to his statement to Tim Fookes we wouldn’t be hearing the weapons grade howling from Cunliffe and his team (such as it is on the left about Mike Hosking?being the moderator.