If the Herald is in contempt then perhaps Kevin Hague and Tariana Turia are as well

Earlier I broke the news that the NZ Herald is facing a possible contempt of court charge after they published a poll.

The text of the article, which the Herald has taken down also quoted two MPs.

Given the trouble that the NZ Herald appears to be in it may be that Kevin Hague and Tariana Turia are also in trouble.

Green MP Kevin Hague favoured a conviction, though he said it was rightfully for a judge to decide, not a politician.

“It seems to me that the magnitude of the offending, and Mr Banks’ repeated denials of any culpability, indicate that a conviction would be appropriate.”

But Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia said Banks did not deserve a conviction.

“I don’t think so. It’s not the worst thing in the world. ?

“I definitely don’t think it deserves a jail sentence. My view is that it would be very easy for a politician to make mistakes, and I think he has many other qualities that I admire.

“He has made a big mistake, and I think we should accept it for what it is.”

Law makers should not be law breakers.

I would say that Kevin Hague is skating on thin ice as is Tariana Turia.

Ironically it was John Banks who followed accepted legal protocols and refused to speak to the Herald.

Tariana Turia, like Banks, is retiring, whereas Kevin Hague will expect/demand a senior ministerial role in a Labour/Green government.

It is extremely poor judgment on his part. He is normally much smarter than that.

– NZ Herald